Sambil Barquisimeto was formally opened in June 25th 2008; it is located exactly among Venezuela Ave., Crispulo Benites Ave., and Bracamonte Ave. of Barquisimeto, the musical capital of Venezuela. Its architecture results very striking, because it was inspired in the shape of a cuatro, the typical instrument of the larense region.

At Sambil Barquisimeto can be found a wide variety of sores, distributed in a total of 324 premises that include national and international franchises in addition to seven bank entities, 11 cinema rooms, a wide Food Fair and the unique bowling in the city. Similarly, it has the biggest platform of the region, where the best events are presented, fully free.

For the best comfort of its visitors, it has an exclusive and secure taxi service and more than 2.000 parking lots, in addition to a luxury hotel adjacent belonging to Lidotel Hotel and Boutique Chain.



Opened on May 28 1998, Sambil Caracas is a shopping, service and entertainment center located in Chacao Municipality. It was the first mall in Latin America to implement a concept which is not only focused in shopping, furthermore, its goal is to provide the consumer a complete experience which combines events, concerts, and especial activities every weeks.

Its 223.695 m2 erects an imposing structure, constituted by 5 levels, (Amusement, Fair, Aquarius, Liberator and Highway); the mall consist of a contemporary design that in addition allows it accommodate an important amount of spaces aimed to the 476 commercial premises that conform the mall.

The Sambil Caracas Center, also has five Squares (Central Square, Garden, The Fountain, The Music and The Art), where are performed the activities coordinated by the Marketing Management; another aspect to highlight is its four levels of parking space, that conforms a total of 4000 available spaces for a total comfort of caraqueños.

All these elements have made that this Sambil has become the most important that Caracas has for over 20 years, becoming a place which forms part of the culture for those who reside there.



Sambil Curacao is the most important and unique mall with air conditioner in the island which offers more than 100 stores with local and international brands, amusements and joy center, services, security, comfort and unforgettable shopping experiences all under the same roof, for all family. It is opened 365 days a year. Sambil Curacao is strategically located just 10 minutes from the airport, cruise terminal and the center of the city. And few minutes from the international hotel chains. You can get to Sambil Curacao either in public transportation or private. Our mall offers a taxi service to arrive and leave Sambil Curacao without effort and convenience, especially for those who came overseas.

We have a Food Fair with more than 14 different options of food. Sambil Curacao has the unique bowling club in the island (StrikeZone), we have the CINEMARK cinema rooms, one of the biggest and more important cinema franchises in the world, in Sambil Curacao there is an amusement park for kids (Kidi’s Park), a Trampoline park (Zero gravity), an amazing virtual reality machine and many more. When is combined a big shopping oasis with climate control, like Sambil Curacao, with multiple restaurant options, amusement and personal services, is easy to understand why Sambil has become in a very desired destiny to visit in the island and why many say that Sambil Curacao is much more than a mall. We invite you to dream, shop and have joy at Sambil Curacao.



The SMART SHOPPING has arrived to Spain with Sambil Outlet. 3 levels with 130 commercial premises and 2.300 parking lots which represent the best offer of outlet fashion stores, beauty, food, restoration and leisure of Madrid.

You can enjoy a revolutionary concept of shopping, leisure and amusement which gather in one place Outlet stores, leisure area with cinema rooms and the biggest wind Tunnel of Europe, in addition to a wide offer of restoration, supermarket and proximity stores.

In any commercial space of Spain you can live the experience that offers Sambil Outlet.



In the heart of the Zulia capital it is located the Sambil Maracaibo Center, the biggest shopping, services and amusement center in all the State of Zulia. Thanks to its wide variety of stores and services is considered a genuine under roof city.

Open in 2004, Sambil Maracaibo continues with the concept implemented in the rest of the malls of the brand it is a space that has 321 contemporary premises occupied by stores, services and companies dedicated to amusements, but in addition, in its interior, are performed attractive activities and events for the joy of Zulia demonym. It also has a big Convention Center with occupation for 1.800 people, parking lot for more than 2000 vehicles and game areas for the kids.

The big structure has a Food Fair which offers different options of national or international franchises; furthermore, it has 12 wide cinema rooms, designed for a maximum amusement and comfort.



Located in the Pearl of the Caribbean, specifically in Pampatar, Sambil Margarita is an obligatory stop for tourists and neoespartanos who desire enjoy a shopping and amusement day in Margarita Island. It has 336 commercial premises, which offer its visitors the best security and comfort to enjoy in family great amusements, stores and services. It was opened in May 28th 2001and has a clearly defined design for the joy of its visitors, with wide and curved halls which are interconnected and disgorge in a big Churuata typical of the region. Its design is inspired in the skeleton of an inverted canoe, where is obtained big spaces and natural light entrances.

Sambil Margarita has eight main entrances known after the names of some of the most emblematic beaches of the island, such as: Parguito Beach, Guacuco Beach, El Yaque Beach, Punta Arenas Beach, La Restinga Beach, Caribe Beach, Manzanillo Beach and Parguito Beach; giving that way the visitor the opportunity of enjoy an easy access and circulation. In it you can find a wide variety of services of international gastronomic experiences, seven cinema rooms, 1,780 parking lots, a modern security system, first aids attention, games and amusement area everything in a unique and pleasant very tropical environment.



One of the main shopping, service and entertainment options of Punto Fijo in the State of Falcón is with no doubts Sambil Paraguana. Was opened in 2009 and presents a contemporary design what has made it winner of international recognition, due to its particular spiral form inspired in the strong winds that continually whip the region, featuring in its interior a beautiful glass dome in perfect harmony with a metal helix sculpture that made it gorgeous and attractive.

Sambil Paraguana has 320 commercial premises, with the presence of the most desired national and international brands for its visitors, 8 cinema rooms and the bigger Super Food Fair in the city. It has four entrances, which names are characteristic from touristic zones of Peninsula of Paraguana, such as Adicora, San Roman Cape and Santa Ana Mountain. In addition it has a very wide parking lot with more than 2500 lots for the comfort of its visitors. Similarly, annex to the Sambil Paraguana and with a direct entrance to the mall, it is located a Lidotel Hotel Boutique that allows foreign visitors the comfort and wellness of having everything they need in one place.



Sambil San Cristobal is located between Antonio Jose de Sucre Highway and Liberator Avenue in the San Cristobal Municipality of the State of Táchira, and it is considered the bigger shopping, services and entertainment of the Venezuelan Andes and therefore the most visit.

This mall was opened in November 15th 2006 and counts with a contemporary and bold architecture, with 3main entrances: Uribante, Wind’s Hill and Torbes’ Wind; it offers its visitors 294 commercial premises that gathered the most recognized national and international brands. T is one of the most frequented amusements of the State of Táchira not only for the locals but for the tourists who come from the neighboring countries thanks to its proximity with the border.

At Sambil San Cristobal can be tasted the most exquisite and varied gastronomic options, watch the premiers of the big screen thanks to its eight cinema rooms and do all the bank diligences in one place because of its options diversity on this matter, allowing its visitors enjoy an unique and funny experience at the moment of shopping.



It is the biggest mall in Santo Domingo, where you can have joy with family of great attraction, stores and services; it offers to Dominican and tourist’s outstanding security and comfort advantages, in a technological and contemporary space considered by everyone as an “indoor city”. You can enjoy the Foodcourt, the Super Food Fair, with national and international franchises which offer the visitors a wide variety of gastronomic experiences, with direct access to the biggest cinema complex of the country, equipped with the latest advances of the industry to make the visit an unique and unforgettable moment. There you can live the experience of knowing with friend the beauty of “Aquamundo”, a sea museum where joy and learning are united in an interactive way providing a unique SIGHT of the submarine world.

It was opened in May 30th 2013, and it is the Mall with the biggest financier service offer in one place; it has 14 bank offices which are opened seven days a week, 365 days a year, with extended night shift. It also has two event rooms with a capacity between 100 to 1.500 people, valet parking service and three levels parking lot for more than 2.300 vehicles.

Come and enjoy Sambil Santo Domingo.



The Sambil Valencia Center is the second shopping, service and entertainment center, built in Venezuela, located in the north area of the nicknamed industrial capital of the country, it is the main option of the valencianos when making their purchases or when passing a pleasant moment. This mall has a significant importance, because it is the first thematic shopping center of Venezuela. The Sambil Valencia, was built in honor to the most popular sport of the region, baseball, which is why in its interior, is found the Museum of Baseball, a room full of photographs, bats, gloves, balls and t-shirts which reflects the history of this important discipline in the country.

This mall, counts with 240 commercial premises; those who tour it can find an important variety of national and international brands. The Super Food Fair offers 20 premises that complement a wide gastronomic chart. Its 10 cinema rooms, in addition to bank agencies, valet parking, 24 hours taxi service, and more, make this Sambil, a mandatory gathering point to valencianos.